What is a beauty fridge for?

beauty fridge is kind of like an extra-small mini fridge that’s designed specifically to hold skincare and beauty products from face masks to beauty tools and mists to makeup. They’re ideal for people who want to extend the shelf life of their cosmetics, or experience that extra-refreshing feel that comes from keeping your serums and sprays cooled (a BIG yes for the summer months).

Beauty fridges aren’t as cold as the fridge in your kitchen, which means they’re better suited to your beauty products – plus their size means you can easily find a spot in your bedroom or bathroom for one so all your goodies are close at hand when you need them (and so your household members won’t steal your expensive serums and masks!).

According to skin expert Sarah Hudson, beauty fridges are “for skincare products like skin rollerseye padsice globes, and some peptide sheet masks. They can be refrigerated prior to use to cool the skin and reduce inflammation”.


Post time: Jan-11-2021