Durable and convenient portable refrigerator, go out to drink cold beer is not a dream!

In general, if you want to drink cold beer and beverage whenever you go out, the convenience store on the street is the best choice. The easiest way to enjoy a cold drink while camping out, at sea or in the desert is to rely on a car refrigerator. While in-car fridges can provide refreshing, cold drinks at any time, the downside is obvious.

First, limited capacity; Secondly, most of the on-board refrigerators are very fragile. It is really difficult for them to follow you across mountains and rivers and finally provide cool and cool drinks.


Is there no solution? Nature is not!

Portable small refrigerator is an electronic refrigeration equipment with temperature regulation function. In intelligent mode, the temperature in the oven to keep between 2 ~ 8 ℃. In setting mode, the temperature inside the box can set up arbitrary temperature between 2 ~ 25 ℃.

Portable small refrigerator has a variety of power supply mode (household batteries, car power supply, lithium battery), dual temperature control system of smart Settings, user Settings, dual LCD display set temperature and real time temperature, Celsius, Fahrenheit temperature double system can be arbitrary transformation, suitable for a variety of situations, is the best choice for the customers home and travel.

Look from the product, but it is divided into frozen and refrigerated area, still can use computer board to control temperature accurately, use very convenient. But the overall structure of the car refrigerator and ordinary refrigerator is not the same. Vehicle-mounted refrigerator refrigeration USES semiconductor technology, refrigeration capacity is less than the traditional refrigerator, but the volume is small, easy to carry, very suitable for specific consumer groups to use.

Post time: Aug-29-2018